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Less common than vascular disease occurring in the legs or pelvis, upper extremity vascular disease can be just as severe. Upper extremity vascular disease narrows or blocks the vessels that transfer blood from the chest to the hands.

Center for Vascular Medicine is a team of highly trained doctors with advanced education in peripheral artery disease. Our doctors use the most advanced diagnostic and treatment tools for comprehensive treatment of vascular disease. Center for Vascular Medicine is a certified vascular health testing center and offers a range of treatments for P.A.D.

Detecting Upper Extremity Vascular Disease

It is important to know the signs and symptoms of upper extremity vascular disease. Symptoms of upper extremity vascular disease are similar to those of P.A.D. If you or a loved one have complained of any of the following symptoms, be sure to contact your closets Center for Vascular Medicine office to schedule a vascular health consultation.

Symptoms of Vascular Disease

  • Pain in the shoulder, hand or arms
  • Skin ulcers (poorly healing wounds)
  • Poor nail growth and/or nail color
  • Loss of fingers and/or limbs

Treating Vascular Disease

Center for Vascular Medicine provides a range of surgical and noninvasive treatment options for restoring health to the vascular system. Early intervention and treatment of vascular conditions help promote optimal results and can prevent a range of health complications.

Your doctor may recommend a combination of surgical intervention, medication, and lifestyle changes. Surgical interventions can restore a more normal blood flow helping reduce the risk of further health issues. However, improving your diet, exercising more regularly and taking blood pressure medications could help prevent further deterioration of your vascular health.

Treatment options for P.A.D include:

  • Laser Atherectomy
  • Angioplasty
  • Stenting
  • Blood pressure medication
  • Diet & Exercise

How can I schedule a consultation at CVM?

The Center for Vascular Medicine is leading the field of VASCULAR DISEASE, providing comprehensive screening, diagnosis and treatment options. Our highly trained physicians  treat all types of vascular disease. If you would like to be screened for vascular disease, SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT at one of our multiple locations with our experienced vascular team!

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