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Many patients come through our doors feeling frustrated by debilitating symptoms that have not been diagnosed properly by their regular physician. Leg and/or arm pain, pelvic pain and foot discomfort can make daily life difficult.

The Center for Vascular Medicine in Maryland is home to an educated and experienced team of vascular physicians and clinicians who have specialized in vascular interventional treatments for a range of vascular diseases outside of the heart. Veinous disease in the pelvic region or extremities can be just as dangerous as heart disease and can also contribute to a risk of stroke and heart attack. In many cases, relatively simple, minimally invasive procedures can alleviate pain and improve overall health.

There are several key risk factors for vascular and venous disease, including genetics. It is important to note that the incidence increases greatly after the age of 50, especially if you smoke, have high blood pressure or are diabetic. If you fall into one of these categories and have experienced symptoms such as leg or arm pain and non healing wounds on the extremities, come in to one of our convenient locations throughout Maryland for a screening. Early detection can enable conservative treatment to be successful and greatly reduce the risk of limb loss.

We work with most insurance carriers and diagnostic testing and treatment is often covered by your policy. Most treatments and procedures are performed in a comfortable, outpatient setting and patients recover quickly, resuming their daily routine relatively soon- without pain.

A screening could potentially be life saving- and for many patients it leads to life changing treatment.

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