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Treatment and diagnosis for vascular disease has undergone tremendous advancement with the development of recent technologies. The Center For Vascular Medicine is equipped with the most modern diagnostic and treatment tools to best serve our patients. New diagnostic equipment allows for earlier diagnosis with potential for more successful results from treatment. Our highly skilled team of doctors will provide attentive care and effective results.

Maryland’s Center For Vascular Medicine offers multiple options for vascular disease treatment. Our full range of treatments provide our doctors the tools and resources they need to individualize your treatment plan. Our compassionate and highly skilled team of doctors will work with you to build a comprehensive treatment plan to alleviate your vascular discomfort. Frequently, our doctors will recommend a combination of treatments to provide you with lasting results.

<h3> Vascular Treatments </h3>

Stents open a closed blood vessel in order to improve the blood flow.  Your vascular specialist will place a metal wire mesh tube into your vessel. This mesh will allow for blood to flow freely while keeping the artery’s walls from collapsing in the future.

Laser Atherectomy is a minimally invasive procedure that will reduce the buildup of plaque in your vessels. Your vascular doctor will insert a special blade tipped catheter into your blood vessel. The specially designed tip will remove the plaque from the vessel wall. Your doctor will use a second tool that will suction the debris from the vessel. Laser Atherectomy is often used in conjunction with the stent procedure.

By-Pass Surgery is not just for your heart. Many patients will think of major heart surgery when they hear by-pass. Our vascular specialist team use bypass surgery to treat vascular diseases like PAD and upper extremity artery disease. During your bypass surgery your doctor will create a new pathway for your blood to flow. Depending on the health of your vessels your new pathway will be formed from your own veins, or from a synthetic material. The goal of bypass surgery is to reroute normal blood flow.

These are only a few of the treatments our vascular center offer. For a full list of treatments and diagnostic methods please refer to Our Services page. To speak with a member of our caring staff contact one of our Maryland and Metro DC area Centers for Vascular Medicine. Our team

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