PAD Ultrasound Diagnosis Test

Our doctors at Center for Vascular Medicine all too often hear that our patients have been told that there is nothing to be done about their chronic leg pain. We understand how discouraging this can be especially when the pain begins to affect the quality of your daily life. We want patients to know that they do not have to take no for answer. Our doctors have trained specifically in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of vascular conditions including PAD a common cause of chronic leg pain.

Now with 6 convenient locations throughout Central Maryland and Virginia, it is easier than ever to get screened for VASCULAR DISEASE. It is important to know that treating your leg pain, could also save your life.

At the Center for Vascular Medicine, our team of highly trained and experienced physicians focus their practice on the treatment of vascular disease especially ones that affect the pelvis and extremities such as PAD. Our team uses only the latest in vascular medicine technology for more accurate diagnosis for more effective treatment. Our treatments are minimally invasive and help to restore health and comfort through improved circulation.

Finding Relief From Leg Pain

There are several symptoms of PAD. If you are experiencing one or more of theses symptoms it is important to seek medical attention. Treating PAD could save your life. If you experience none of these symptoms but have high cholesterol, genetic predisposition, diabetes, obesity, are over 40 or use tobacco, you should still be screened for PAD.

  • Leg pain
  • Poor mobility
  • Pale skin or reduced color on one or both legs or feet
  • Non healing wounds on legs or feet

Do not let anyone tell you that there is no hope for relief from chronic leg pain. Center for Vascular Medicine may be able to help you find relief. If you are experiencing the above symptoms, be sure to get screened for PAD. Early diagnosis of PAD can help patients avoid peripheral artery blockages, and prevent risk for stroke and heart attack. We offer personalized and comprehensive treatment plans that are tailored to your health and needs for your optimal comfort. Contact our location nearest you to find out how the physicians at Center for Vascular Health can help you find relief from PAD.

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