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Kristina Seeks Help for Chronic Pelvic Pain

Kristina is a real Center for Vascular Medicine patient who suffered for years with chronic pain. Like a lot of patients, her pelvic pain was being mistreated causing frustration and debilitating pain.

“I was originally diagnosed with endometriosis and suffered with that for 14 years. My OB/GYN tried everything but nothing really worked. The pain was so severe it was debilitating at times.” Kristina

Once Kristina was introduced to our team of highly trained doctors, the cause of her pelvic pain was pinpointed at promptly treated. Our team of doctors uses state of the art technology and the most advanced techniques to diagnose and treat vascular conditions.

“Finally, at 33 years old, I started having severe pain in my calves and my lower legs. I was unable to walk a couple of blocks and felt hopeless. At that point, my PCP referred me to the Center for Vascular Medicine. They immediately detected the compression in my left iliac vein and stented it.” Kristina

After Kristina’s stent procedure she was relieved to find a decrease in pain. She got her life back. Kristina no longer had pains in her legs and was able to walk again.

“I have felt amazing ever since. I have zero trouble walking, zero pain in my legs and my menstrual pain is very minimal – significantly less than before the procedure.” Kirstina

Complimentary PAD Screenings

If you are suffering from chronic pelvic pain, you are not alone. Many women as young as in their 20s experience debilitating pain in their pelvic region. If you are looking for help dealing with pelvic pain, contact one of our seven Center for Vascular Medicine locations in Virginia or Maryland. Our doctors can help you find relief, so you can take back your life.

Center for Vascular Medicine provides patients with FREE PAD Screenings, so you can find the help you deserve.

I have not felt this good in years. Thank you Center for Vascular Medicine!

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