If you had a procedure with CVM,

We will typically ask you to follow-up with us at about 1-2 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months post-procedure. These dates are flexible ranges and can vary slightly based on appointment and patient availability.


At your 1-2 week follow-up, we will review:

  • What was done during your procedure,
  • Symptoms and whether they have improved,
  • Intra-operative imaging,
  • Anti-coagulation tolerance, if any was prescribed
  • Complications, if any
  • Unless there is suspicion of vessel occlusion, ultrasound is usually not done at this time.

At 6 weeks, we will continue to

  • Monitor your symptoms for improvement
  • Ensure that there are still no issues tolerating your anti-coagulation medication
  • Depending on how you are feeling, an ultrasound may be ordered at this time