Diagnosing and Treating PAD can Significantly Reduce Limb Loss

Center for Vascular Medicine offers diagnosis and treatment for a growing health concern in today's adult population: peripheral artery disease (PAD). The doctors and staff of Center for Vascular Medicine understand the health risks, including limb loss, that untreated PAD can present for patients who suffer unknowingly with symptoms and side effects. In a recent article published in Maryland Physicians Magazine, Dr. John A. Pietropaoli, Jr., MD, RPVI, FACS, discusses a patient case that clearly demonstrates the impact that undiagnosed Peripheral artery disease (PAD) can have on overall health and the positive outcome of successful treatment. A patient's leg, and long term health, were saved after a minimally invasive diagnosis that demonstrated compromised arterial flow that was affecting his foot and toes, reducing blood flow and contributing to ulcers that would not heal completely. After treatment, the ulcers were able to heal and the pain experienced was completely resolved. The patient had experienced several key symptoms of PAD: hair loss on the feet, pain, non-healing wounds and decreased temperature in the foot.

Signs and symptoms of PAD- what to watch for:

  • Claudication: pain, fatigue, heaviness, tiredness and/or cramping in the legs that gets worse when you walk or climb stairs, but goes away after a short period of rest
  • Leg pain: pain in the legs and/or feet that causes disruption of sleep
  • Non-healing wounds
  • Changes in color of the skin on the toes and/or feet – including paleness or blueness
  • Decreased or loss of nail and/or hair growth on the toes or legs
Being aware of both your personal risk factors and the above symptoms could save your limb(s)- or your life! Center for Vascular Medicine has 5 convenient locations throughout central and southern Maryland where patients can be screened, diagnosed and treated for PAD. If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms or may be at risk for PAD, schedule a consultation with one of our experienced physicians today.
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