Dr. Satwah Published for Research on Pelvic Pain

Center for Vascular Medicine is proud to inform our patients that our own Dr. Vinay Satwah was recently published in the American College of Cardiology online publication(acc.org). The article, Chronic Leg Swelling Due to Under-Recognized Pelvic Vascular Disorders, highlights Dr. Satwah's work in diagnosing commonly undetected pelvic vascular disorders. His work in vascular medicine has helped countless patients regain a better quality of life and improve their vascular health. Dr. Satwah was published for his work with a 39-year-old female patient suffering from chronic leg fatigue and swelling. The patient suffered for an extended time after giving birth to her second child. After extensive testing, Dr. Satwah was able to diagnose and treat the woman for a commonly overlooked pelvic vascular disorder.
american college of cardiology publishedClick here to read Dr. Vinay Satwah's full article published by the American College of Cardiology.

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