Dr. Guarav Lakhanpal, Leading Vascular Doctor in Maryland

Dr. Gaurav Lakhanpal is a member of our team of physicians at the Center for Vascular Medicine. He brings his education, training and years of experience as a cardiologist to patients who can benefit from endovascular interventional procedures. With an in depth understanding of how these procedures can improve both health and daily quality of life, Dr. Lakhanpal helps patients with peripheral artery disease through a variety of minimally invasive treatments and surgical procedures. As a vascular doctor he effectively diagnosing and treating peripheral artery disease (PAD) can greatly reduce the risk of more complex health issues and stroke.

Risk Factors for PAD

  • Over the age of 50 years
  • Smoke or use tobacco
  • Diabetic
  • Ethnicity: African-Americans are more likely to suffer from PAD
  • History of hearty disease or stroke

If you are concerned that you may be at greater risk of PAD due to family history, health concerns or lifestyle habits, come in for a screening and consultation at one of our five locations serving the Baltimore-Washington metro area. A screening could save your life!

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