Northern VA Location Open!

The Center for Vascular Medicine continues to expand its service areas in the Washington metro area, recently opening a new location! Centrally located in Fairfax, VA, this new location will provide service to many Northern VA communities. At the Center for Vascular Medicine, we provide diagnosis and treatment for one of the most under-diagnosed vascular diseases affecting thousands today: peripheral artery disease (PAD). Characterized by leg pain, PAD often disrupts daily life and can have serious health consequences if left untreated. We offer non and minimally invasive diagnosis and treatments in a warm, comfortable environment. All procedures are completed on an outpatient basis by one of our physicians, all of whom have extensive training and experience in vascular disease and associated health concerns. Our new location will offer consultations and diagnostic evaluations vascular diseases, including PAD, deep vein thrombosis and pelvic pain diseases. If you have experienced any of the symptoms below, consider making an appointment to evaluate your vascular health and restore a better quality of life:
  • Leg fatigue and/or pain
  • Poorly healing wounds, especially on the feet
  • Loss of hair on the lower leg and foot
  • Poor toe nail growth
  • Difficulty standing or sitting for periods of time
While there are a variety of symptoms that can be specific to different vascular diseases, addressing your concerns sooner rather than late can greatly reduce the risk of further damage to the cardiovascular system which can lead to stroke and even limb loss.
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