State of the Art Diagnostic Technology

Are you looking for relief from discomfort caused by vascular disease? Accurate diagnosis is key to receiving effective relief from vascular conditions. Maryland Center for Vascular Medicine utilizes the most advanced, cutting-edge diagnostic technology. Our doctors are able to diagnose vascular disease earlier, allowing for more conservative and more effective treatment.

Diagnostic Technology

Using state of the art technology our team of vascular doctors helps patients find relief from a range of vascular conditions. We use a combination of techniques and consultation methods to build a comprehensive picture of a patient's vascular health to determine the best course of treatment. Below are just a few of our diagnostic tests-
  • Arterial & Deep Venous Consults Center for Vascular Medicine is an accredited vascular testing center offering personalized and comprehensive vascular consults. Our doctors spend one-on-one time with each patient to help them build a treatment plan tailored to their needs in order to restore and maintain their vascular health. Our team offers non-invasive and minimally invasive diagnostic procedures to determine if there is abnormal blood flow that is or could cause vascular health issues. We also offer PAD testing.
  • Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) A non-invasive diagnostic test, ABI uses blood pressure cuffs on the extremities to compare the blood pressure in the legs and arms. This test helps doctors determine vascular health in the peripheral limbs.
  • Angiography An angiogram takes images of the blood vessels. A special dye is used to illuminate the blood vessels and images are taken of the blood flow. Angiography is an outpatient procedure performed under light anesthesia for the optimal comfort of our patients.
  • CO2 Angiography The CO2 angiogram is a useful diagnostic tool, especially for patients who have poor kidney function or sensitivity to the dye used in a traditional angiogram. In this technique, carbon dioxide is injected into the vessel instead of a dye.
If you believe you may be experiencing a vascular health issue, have swelling or discomfort in the legs, arms, or pelvis, contact your local Center for Vascular Health as soon as possible. Our team of doctors are on the leading edge of vascular medicine and help patients enjoy a more comfortable, healthier life. We have seven locations through out Maryland and Northern, VA.
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