Debbie Bowers, RN Director of Clinical

Having over 20 years of experience in the nursing field, specifically in the areas of cardiac care, Debbie brings a varied skill set and wide clinical knowledge base to the Center for Vascular Medicine (CVM). Prior to CVM, she worked critical cardiac care at a level 1 Trauma Center and has in depth knowledge of all cardiovascular conditions. Throughout her nursing career, Debbie has been instrumental in clinically coordinating vascular programs. Debbie is an integral part of the daily clinical management of CVM in her multi-faceted role which includes staffing, supply chain, patient care, policy and protocol review, quality assurance and sedation administration. She is a key player in the continued implementation of CVM’s core mission of ‘state of the art vascular care in a compassionate and cost efficient manner.’ Debbie earned her nursing degree from PGCC and has certifications in critical care nursing and conscious sedation.

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