Posted on: August 18, 2020

Falls Church


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The Center for Vascular Medicine is here to guide and effectively treat you. Our vascular specialists can help in the diagnosis and treatment of deep venous and arterial diseases of the pelvis and lower extremities.  Information about our Cath lab in Falls Church, VA. 

Accredited Vascular Testing Center

Center for Vascular Medicine has been granted a three-year term of accreditation in Vascular Testing in the areas of Peripheral Arterial Testing by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). Accreditation through the IAC is a “seal of approval” that patients can rely on as an indication that the facility has been carefully critiqued on all aspects of its operations considered relevant by medical experts in the field of Vascular Testing.

Location Information

  • This Cath lab will service all counties in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.
  • We are co-located with Inova Cardiac and Thoracic Vascular Center
  • The patient should head through the main glass double doors and take an immediate left. We are on the 1st floor, suite 100.
  • The building is handicapped accessible and there is plenty of parking in front of the building.
  • A front desk receptionist will be at the window to greet you!

Important Information:

The Inova Cath lab is about 4 short minutes away from of our Fairfax - Arlington Blvd clinic.

From the Fairfax clinic:

  • Turn left onto Gatehouse Rd
  • Turn left onto Telestar Ct
  • Turn right into the parking lot

Near-by landmarks:

  • We are right off VA-650 N/US-29 Gallows Rd/Merrifield. Take Gatehouse Rd and Telestar Ct straight to your destination. The destination will be on your right.
  • Across the street is Acaria Health and The Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center. If you approach the stop sign at the intersection of Telestar Ct and Porter Road you have gone too far.

Talk with a staff member at (301) 486-4690 to learn more about our services and our location.


2921 Telestar Court
Ste. 100
Falls Church, VA 22042


7:00 am – 3:00pm Friday’s (1x per month)

Contact Us:

Phone: 301-486-4690

Fax: 301-441-8809

Vascular Disease

The Center for Vascular Medicine is dedicated to helping patients diagnose and treat vascular disease in the legs, feet, and pelvic area. Our physicians help with deep venous and arterial disorders that cause chronic pelvic pain, leg pain especially at night or walking, and feet discomfort. Patients visit our facility when they show signs and symptoms of poor blood circulation, pelvic pain, restless legs or feet, swelling, ulcers, and discoloration of the lower extremities.

Talk with a staff member at (301) 486-4690 to learn more about our services and our location.

Why Choose The Center for Vascular Medicine

  • Certified 
    Board Certified Vascular Specialists.
  • Expert Network 
    A network of vascular experts dedicated to helping patients like you find pain relief from vascular disorders.
  • Best Service 
    World class service provided to each patient (based on third party healthcare NPS scores).
  • Better Treatment for Pain 
    Best in class outcomes with minimal complications.
  • Most Experience 
    One of the largest providers of arterial and venous procedures in the United States. Our physicians are active in vascular research to find better solutions for patients.