Think Vascular

4 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

Jul 16, 2019::admin

Vascular disease affects over 15 million American adults and often goes undiagnosed. Your cardiovascular system is made up of blood vessels that transport blood to and from the heart, so…

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Improve Your Heart Health

May 23, 2019::admin

The cardiovascular system is an intricate arrangement of arteries, veins, valves, and pumps that circulate blood and nutrients around the body. Understanding how the heart works and how to keep…

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How A Healthy Diet Affects Your Arteries

Nov 12, 2018::admin

Most of us know that a healthy diet keeps our waistline in check and our risk for disease low, but did you know that eating just three or more servings…

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Why Bother Treating Spider Veins and Varicose Veins?

Sep 30, 2018::admin

While varicose and spider veins might be a cosmetic problem, leaving them untreated does more than affect your confidence. Varicose and spider veins are types of vein disease and can…

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Patient’s Share Their Experience

Feb 28, 2018::admin

At Center for Vascular Medicine, we provide vascular medicine with the sole focus on improving the wellness of our patients. Our entire team of doctors and staff are committed to providing…

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Dr. Satwah Published for Research on Pelvic Pain

Oct 17, 2017::admin

Center for Vascular Medicine is proud to inform our patients that our own Dr. Vinay Satwah was recently published in the American College of Cardiology online publication( The article, Chronic…

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Vascular Health: Q&A

Aug 16, 2017::admin

What is the vascular system? How does it work and why is it important? This month we answer some questions about your vascular system that could help you stay healthy.…

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Eat Vegetables, Lower Your Risk of PAD

Jun 9, 2017::admin

New studies are emerging that suggest eating three or more servings of fruit and vegetables a day can help decreases your chance of developing peripheral artery disease or PAD. So,…

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Seeking Help for Vascular Health

Mar 20, 2017::admin

With six location throughout Maryland, Center for Vascular Medicine is the convenient go to medical center for help with your vascular concerns. With advancements in modern technology, many vascular treatments are…

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Know Your Risks

Nov 3, 2016::admin

Vascular disease causes one million deaths a year in the United States. Every person has a chance of developing some type of vascular disease. It is important to know your…

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