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Chronic Pelvic Pain: Vascular Treatments

Jul 18, 2018::admin

Chronic pelvic pain is one of the most common reasons that women visit the gynecologist. At times it may seem like there is no practical solution for pelvic pain, which…

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Dr. Satwah Published for Research on Pelvic Pain

Oct 17, 2017::admin

Center for Vascular Medicine is proud to inform our patients that our own Dr. Vinay Satwah was recently published in the American College of Cardiology online publication( The article, Chronic…

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Find Relief For Pelvic Pain

Oct 26, 2016::admin

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome or PCS is a chronic pelvic pain syndrome that is most commonly diagnosed in women under 50 who have given birth to one or more children. It…

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Find The Underlying Issue Of Chronic Pelvic Pain

Jul 13, 2016::admin

Chronic pelvic pain is a medical condition that many women suffer from. Urinary, reproductive, and gastrointestinal conditions may cause women to have pelvic pain, however there are other circumstances that…

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Watch Dr. Satwah’s Video from Let’s Talk Live

Apr 7, 2016::admin

We are pleased to present Dr. Vinay Satwah’s interview on New Channel 8’s Let’s Talk Live. Dr. Satwah discusses Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, a circulation condition affecting up to a third…

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The Official Publication for Center for Vascular Medicineā„¢

Oct 22, 2014::admin

In Circulation: The Official Publication for Center for Vascular Medicineā„¢ Volume 1 | Issue 1 NOV / DEC 2014 Please click the image below to view the publication:

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You don’t have to live with chronic pelvic pain!

Oct 16, 2014::admin

At the Center for Vascular Medicine, we see patients every day who have been suffering with the symptoms and side effects of Pelvic Congestions Syndrome (PCS) or May-Thurner Syndrome, both…

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Patient Testimonials tell the real story.

Aug 27, 2014::admin

At Center for Vascular Medicine a dedicated staff of doctors offer treatment for peripheral artery disease and chronic pelvic pain, often providing life changing results for patients who have experienced…

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