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The Center for Vascular Medicine has published the Summer Newsletter with several key articles on current medical issues. Here are highlights from this issue, which is available for download here.

Increased patient coverage with ACA: under the new regulations put forth in the Affordable Care Act, patients with chronic kidney and vascular disease are no longer denied insurance coverage due to “existing condition” status.

Post Thrombotic Syndrome: there is a significant risk of developing this disorder for DVT patients who have lifestyle risk factors such as obesity and who did not receive effective care for DVT initially. This chronic health concern can lead to a decreased quality of life for patients, including lost productivity and increased healthcare costs.

Managing the growing Hemodialysis patient population: with the recent addition of vascular surgeon Dr. Michael Malone to the staff of Center for Vascular Medicine, we have begun to expand our services for end stage renal disease patients. We now offer Dialysis Access Outpatient Services in our Greenbelt location.

At the Center for Vascular Medicine we strive to serve patients who suffer from a range of often chronic vascular diseases. Our warm, patient focused outpatient centers provide non and minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment options that have helped many restore their health and reclaim their daily quality of life. Here are several vascular conditions we treat:

  • PAD
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Renal Vascular Disease
  • Vascular Pelvic Pain

If you have been suffering with leg, pelvic area or arm pain or consider yourself at higher risk of vascular disease due to a family history or lifestyle factors, schedule an appointment with one of our physicians. It could be life saving!

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